Expectations And The Decisions That Come With Them

Everyone single one of my relatives, friends, heck, even the barber says i look like my father. That's great, seeing as my father is quite successful in life albeit totally messed up in his traditional views of the world and the way things work. Truth is, i DON'T want to be like my father. I've been so damn hard to convince myself for the past 15 years of my life that i'm different from him, so much better, so much more promising no matter the similarities in our appearances. I don't wish to be the tyrant he is now, the bloody hypocrite that he is becoming. I look myself in the mirror everyday and i wish for once, i can actually feel good about myself and be the person people see me to be.

I've made my decision a long time ago. I will and must be a different person from my father if i ever want to right the wrongs he has done. To do that, i have to throw myself into making others see that i'm not the person i look and seem to be. I need to make them know that, or all they will see me as would be, damaged. A lost boy who followed behind his father's every step and finally lost him mid-way and suffered the hardship of a lost child.

To protect my sanity and those of my loved ones, i have to turn into someone else. I have to become something else. My father will wish that the boy he left behind years ago had died on his way back home.
Forsaken101 Forsaken101
13-15, M
Jan 23, 2013