It's Like a Scar

All of my life my family wanted me to change and be different, especially my mum. They wanted me to loose weight even though I was one of the thinnest girl in our class. I'd get good grades, one of the best, but they'd always expect higher ones. They didn't like my behavior, lifestyle, actions, and everything. I tried to reach their standards but they didn't appreciate what I did, they just expected more from me and they wanted me to be "perfect." My mom always told me, "You don't do anything right," everytime she told me that, more wound would grow in my soul until I got a scar that effected me my whole life. I always felt like I was different, that I had lots of things missing, even though I was like any other girl and that was caused from my family and their nagging all the time. It left an empty whole in my heart that can't be ever filled. Yes, I hated how they wanted me to change, I understand that they wanted the best for me, but that was too much and caused me lots of pressure too. Thanks god, now I'm old enough to make my own choices and decision for my life. 
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18-21, F
2 Responses May 31, 2007

Thanks for ur support i really appreciate it! :)

wow i couldnt even imagine what it would feel like to have my mother tell me i never did anything right ... its great that you have overcome that keep it up I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT !!