Everyone Wants Me to Be a C...

Everyone wants me to be a conforming person and I will not be.  I will only conform to those ways that happen to make me feel comfortable.  But these are not the ways that most people live in this world.

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I'm all for free education and healthcare. Both seem to me to be universal human rights. I'm like you though in that our current system of politics and government would not support such actions. It's very unfortunate. I'm of the opinion that it will take economic collapse and revolution for this country to change for the better.

It gets better. Because education costs are so high, students start out in life with disgusting debts. So, in their chosen careers they charge outrageous fees for their services, so they can pay off their loans. The customer then has to find a way to afford these fees. In the end everyone is paying for education costs. Including those who can't afford it. The poor can't pay it at all. So they either go without or due to government programs, the taxpayer ends up paying it for them. Because of the vast numbers of poor, the taxpayer ends up paying the lion's share.<br />
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I have a solution to all this. It's called free higher education to those qualified. The qualifications are, you pass an entrance exam to prove your readiness for it, and certain courses would not be covered. <br />
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Very few goverments will go for this, because the pay-off won't be seen for so long it won't win them any votes.

Yeah true enough...that's one of the reasons that I hate money. It is the master of all as long as capitalism is the dominant economic mode. It controls education, government, media, health care, etc. And all these institutions suffer for it.

Ah, but then the colleges must take responsibility for accepting these students. Which tells us the truth of the situation. They accept students who are not actually ready for higher education, because there aren't enough good students. They set the bar lower to fill the number of places they have. If they set the bar higher and refused to take students who were not as able, they would lose $$$$. Things will get far worse before it gets better, because none of them have the integrity to create a set entrance exam, and stick to their guns about passing grades. Because I can tell you, if all the places of higher education DID put their collective feet down and have a minimum entrance requirement, things would have to change.

Yeah I can't disagree with that. I know my professors were frustrated with that issue. Getting these basically dumb kids sent to them without a proper education.

The problem is, that students enter college without a proper High School education. They can't even write an essay. Forcing them to pay tuition fees for basic skills, hence so many "Gen Ed" classes . Among other issues.

I think education at the collegiate level is not so bad. It's the public school system that sucks.

There are a few ifs in that given:) I would love to support traditional education, I truly would, but I've heard so many horror stories about the quality of education today. As I still have 4 kids to get through college I try not to think about it too much, causes me to lay awake at 3am:)

Good for you Chovani. I still find value in a more traditional education given that you are in a program that is right for you with professors that are supportive and like-minded (and good educators I might add).

Shove conformity. I've never approved of it, and yes it caused my education to be ended prematurely, but then I educated myself instead and I'm rather proud of the results.

Wow, you sound like me. I do not like to conform. Never have. But I also hate to feel left out, rejected, or be noticed. This doesn't make sense.<br />
I want to be a free thinker, live my life the way I want and not be critisized. I hate everyone trying to tell others how to live their life. That is all I hear about in the media. Everyone critisizing everyone for everything. It drives me crazy.