I Am Me

I refuse to conform to other people's views of who I should be.  I am who I am.  I am sensitive, I am compassionate, I am trusting, I am naieve.  My friends want me to change, to become harder, to become less naieve.  I refuse to change who I am for their sake. 
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5 Responses Jun 11, 2007

It is a good thing to get a real sense of yourself and to be who you are without <br />
allowing others to sway you. I am that way in most respects also. I have aspects of myself that I like and don't want to change... but there are other aspects of myself that I do want to change and work on changing. But when I make changes in my person I like to do it for me. Not because somebody else thinks I should be a certain way. That is why I have a hard time with religious people. There is a sense of goodness to them(mostly) but also they are very rigid in what they think is right and not right and they always want to persuade others to conform to their pattern. <br />
so I have a hard time with that. I share some of their beliefs in goodness but other aspects of life I do not share with them completely so I cant really join a religious group. <br />
I need to have room to be myself so I can have my own sense of self and my own happiness.

It is good to be trusting. But with eyes open.

i never thought i would meet ANYONE that saw the world through the same eyes as i do-thank you

woot woot! i congratulate you for realizing this as i did today!

Popeye said it the best. Stay true to yourself and Smile :)