"whatever you think i am, that's what i'm not"--arctic monkeys

--> one of the nicest lines ever. No stereotypes, please!!!

we're all unique--we are who we are.

mistyeyedlass mistyeyedlass
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4 Responses Feb 27, 2009

so right!=)... we're all unique individuals and we jsut have to be who we are---that makes all the difference=)

i totally agree. this is what makes up the world!

that's so true! we're all different a nd trying to be the same is such a sick, sad thing!

i agree 100%!!!! i just think there are too many people in this worl who try to be people they are not, you know people that for example wear a certain type of clothing, cos its in fashion, they dont wear it cos they like it, but cosits in fashion!!! or people that like acertain type of music, cos all their friends like that music, not cos they like it, but cos their friends like it!!! theres too many people that need to be in with the crowd, even though they may not like the things they do, or the way they live their lives!!!they just have to be part of the group!!! thatswhy i like it on ep, cos all the people i seem to meet on here, lead their own lives the way they want, so that they can be happy themselves, which should be the number one priority in anyones life!!!!