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Be True to Oneself

There is a saying, "Personality is what you show to others, character is who you really are." I believe there is much truth in this statement.

Though, hardly religious, i subscribe to the belief, "What is hidden by night is seen by day." Literally speaking, Its like sleeping with someone with full make-up in the night only to discover what she really is in the morning. Not something very pleasant, i guess. 

I don't think we should be ashamed of who we are, but similarily, we shouldn't be afraid to improve on our shortcomings & by this, I don't mean cosmetics. For without, feedback & valid constructive critisim, it will be hard to improve. 

We have only one life to live, let us be true to ourselves, for if we cannot be true to ourselves, how can we be true to others......


amigos amigos 41-45, M 2 Responses Aug 23, 2009

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Thanks for the inputs. Makes me kinda of wonder if Billy Joel was thinking of similar thoughts when he sang the song "Honesty." LOL....

You are so right....<br />
<br />
"We have only one life to live, let us be true to ourselves, for if we cannot be true to ourselves, how can we be true to others......"<br />
<br />
Honesty, starts with being true to who we are and making improvements there.