Not Quite 36

My bf would love it if I wore no shoes and hung out in our kitchen
but in my heart Im young
I wanna dance
I wanna wear makeup and wigs
I want to shout
Im not dead yet
My grandma would love it if I stopped dying my hair
but I dont need grey yet
I like life
I like movement and excitement
and there will never be
anything ever frumpy about me
I am the leader
I am the class clown
I love my tattoos
and how open I am to conversation with strangers
My son would be happy if
I would just stop singing show tunes in elevators
but I wont
this is my life
and I am going to make the most of it while I still can
I am going to be the boogie queen
I am going to give autographs for no reason
I am going to be blonde or jet black or purple if I Want
and nothing will stop me
from being the most fabulous version of me
dangeroustwist dangeroustwist
36-40, F
Mar 11, 2011