I Don't Believe In Begging A Man To Love Me

and I figure the people I love probably know I love them with or without their mistakes, while there are others I could never love.

I think that its cute and virtuous for a woman to want to beg a man to love her but clearly if he does not and can not I don't see the point in forcing him to, and vis-verse.


no words and I think most men do appear to only love when they are having sex (or at least that is what Joyce was trying to teach me a lesson in ... the expert Joyce!)

some men do have the capacity to love without sex ... and some sex is purely functional and nothing to do with love

and from my own experience feeling forced into having sex with ken did not make me love him... it turned me off sex actually.

I don't want to beg anyone really for anything... be it shelter or food or work ...

it would be a fantasy to have a cute clever hunky guy beg me for love or sex however ... LOL  but I don't want to see him as a begging dog

I think its better if people just be genuine and say what is in their hearts or what is on their mind to try to make sense of life or what they want from others... begging is rather poor communication

if a man gets down on his knee in the traditional sense to ask a girl to marry him .... is he begging ???

I might fantasise about a prince charming or a pop sex god like a ricky or swimmer begging me to marry him or have sex with him ... but to be honest that is not a priority of my fantasies ... I am more the suggestable type with icons that kind of say it ... the subtle way or just the direct way with out the BS.

its just that "the moment" and pent up build up to disclosing ones love and the kiss and embrace are more higher on my fantasy list... and the idea of two hearts beating as one ... with a common goal and bond is more important to me than begging for love... so I can look at someone and long for love and its like today in head I was thinking this sentence "you know I love you... you know that I know you love me" kind of thing ... its not about begging...

the eye begs and the heart begs, my lips may beg kisses from my prince charming in my heart but my lips will not utter a word of it!!!!!

but if the friendship or whatever is so strong ... lets face it what's a beg here and there?? LOL
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I like this, thanks for sharing.