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If For No Other Reason..

that I was looking for a nice guy, I wanted a nice guy and would have been with one had this man I married not pretended for over a year to be a nice guy...until he got fed up of pretending... but by then it was too late...

also because when the girl/woman realizes her mistake, she'll come looking for the nice guy... (providing she can both get away from the guy she got stuck with and finds the nice guy)

I see so many women unhappy in their marriage with the guy they thought WAS the nice guy... because they pretended to be nice to get the girl and then showed their true colors...

the very fact that Twilight is popular proves that girls/women NEED the nice gentleman type of guy... of course Edward isn't perfect, but still... and Twilight isn't the only proof... all the romance novels women read (except me lol because they are torture... how many men will actually act that way in real life?!? or know your needs..they'd have to read those romance novels too...).  Women want the nice guy... they just don't know how to tell who's faking being nice and who is honest... or they see the majority of guys as not so nice and feel there's no choice but to settle for the not so nice guy  :/

which brings us around to the fact that it's not easy to find the nice guys.

But I can say that at least one nice guy is getting a good woman right now, as my bff has found a real nice guy and they are sooooo happy!!! I'm happy for them both!!! <3 <3 <3 gives me hope that I'll find a nice guy who genuinely cares for me once I can get out of the mess I'm in...

ElvenLady ElvenLady 36-40, F Oct 3, 2011

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