I Refuse To Believe Everyone Is A Liar.......

I may be very naive. But the prospect of accepting that EVERYONE lies is too depressing for me and I can not confront it right now. I want to be able to trust people. Because I am trustworthy, it is a big task for me to go around being distrusting. I can't stand it. I believe what I am told, unless it's too blatant. But that doesn't happen often. I realized two people lied to me the other day. (Not on the same day. Over a period of time, but I figured it out the other day). And I thought, wow, I'm not worth lying for!!!! They both lied in the same area. One said that she had tested out of a course in Math (which is very rare, unless they're mathematical geniuses or something). And I found out that that subject is not even required in the school she is going to. The other fellow lied saying that he had a B.S. in Economics. Uhm... not true, because if he did, he wouldn't have to be going the traditional track he is going, but would have gone straight to other subjects more closely connected to his major. WHY LIE???? Okay, to inflate themselves, yeah right, how can they respect themselves after they've lied? Are they so numbed by it all that their consciences don't even work at all? I don't know. And then to me. Like I'm somebody. Once you find out they've lied, they're done, and the ridicule is gigantic. SO NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here? I think I've been lied to by one person. Many big whoppers. Sort of hilarious. I think she might have a mental disturbance, these were major major complicated lies. Makes her own soap operas I guess. But I'm sure I'm off and I've been lied to by many more than just one person. I haven't lied once* and don't plan to. HOWEVER.................... ha ha ha ha ha!!! just kidding :-D
But involuntarily misrepresented or inadequately portrayed the truth as I perceive it? Oh yes, I'm sure I've done that. It's not lying though.
Evania Evania
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I don't openly state "I am trustworthy", I don't think I stated that, only by implication. That is a statement that I find futile coming from me. The true testament of its veracity would be if it comes from those who know and deal with me. And then only to the extent that those saying it are correct in their assessment of my trustworthiness. But, isn't this a whole bunch of semantic argument? The point of the little story is skirted if you zero in on the imperfection of it, and the grammatical or whatever inconsistencies. My point was that I find it depressing to think or believe that all people lie. But maybe everybody does, myself included.

Hi Viv<br />
you state "I am trustworthy." From this you know that the proposition "everyone is a liar" is false. <br />
<br />
I copied this: Karl Popper noticed that although a singular existential statement such as 'there is a white swan' cannot be used to affirm a universal statement, it can be used to show that one is false: the singular existential observation of a black swan serves to show that the universal statement 'all swans are white' is falseā€”in logic this is called modus tollens. 'There is a black swan' implies 'there is a non-white swan,' which, in turn, implies 'there is something that is a swan and that is not white', hence 'all swans are white' is false, because that is the same as 'there is nothing that is a swan and that is not white'.<br />
One notices a white swan. From this one can conclude:<br />
At least one swan is white.<br />
From this, one may wish to conjecture:<br />
All swans are white.<br />
It is impractical to observe all the swans in the world to verify that they are all white.<br />
Even so, the statement all swans are white is testable by being falsifiable. For, if in testing many swans, the researcher finds a single black swan, then the statement all swans are white would be falsified by the counterexample of the single black swan.<br />
<br />
I think this black swan argument is very important here. Conservatives argue people are selfish and guided by self interest but if you find one example of a person who is not then you have falsified their claim. Of course some or many people may be selfish but not all. It is not human nature.<br />

Anyone can talk the talk. I think the smart approach Viv is to place your trust in those that can walk the walk. Actions speak louder than words.

It achieves the destruction of trust and potential for the friendship. I think you can't ignore that. Once they've lied, unless fully confronted (who's going to do that) and overcome, it will be an eroding element ALWAYS.

I really need to preface this by saying, I'm really not perfect. I cant say I've never lied, but I dont make it a practice. I'm pretty bad at it for one reason. But whoever this person is, you really shouldnt get too involved with them if they're telling you so many lies - nothing good can come out of it, and it sounds like a lot of heartache for you. In fact, you have to wonder what has life done to her to make her feel a need to lie so much? Maybe she's actually unstable in some ways...? Love n hugs to you Ev. xo

But it does hurt some times. In fact, often. As Lao Tzu writes: "beautiful words aren't truthful, truthful words aren't beautiful". I think that's depressing. There has to be truthful words that are beautiful. Is what he means that most of the time things aren't sustained through time? There are things which are though, that are beyond the realm of this Life. There are things that transcend this Life. Some of them can only be barely discerned after you pass the tunnel of the unimaginably painful (our demise, for example), are beautiful, though must be seen through a strong belief in the unseen.

Good for you then. :-). And I don't understand the "culture" in which an unrelenting liar comes out looking "better", than someone who bites the dust and confronts the truth. There are people who consider it strength. I think that's sick. To say, "look, I messed up. I thought I could get away with it, but I was wrong. I made a foolish decision". Wow, it takes GUTS to do that, and I prefer that a gazillion times over a lie of any degree. I love Truth and how liberating it is. Hugs.

I try really hard to be truthful and trustworthy<br />
I have been known to lie when backed into a corner<br />
When it makes no sense because the proof is right there<br />
I guess that's because of the shame that i feel at that very moment<br />
I try to deny the truth out of guilt I guess<br />
But that doesn't mean I can't be trusted<br />
I think the fact that I am a terrible liar shows that I actually have a conscience<br />
I by no means lie about things to make myself appear to be more than what I actually am<br />
And I absolutely do not lie on a regular basis

The world is full of them lying and cheating go hand in hand theirs no honour in it, I think the only reason people do it is to make them selves out to be better than what they are.