I'm Over Chasing People

My friend has recently been playing me around a lot. He says I make him feel bad, and then he moans about that, and then refuses to talk to me. But when he isn't nice to me and I tell him so he refuses to talk to me also. Last time he wasn't talking to me he said he wanted to give me the chance to "miss him". LOL. Any child could see he is truly playing me and wants me to run after him. The time has come where I don't even care if he talks to me or not. I'm not going to let immature people play me that way. I'm so much better than that.

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

Seems to me that <br />
he needs a favour.<br />
<br />
And by that,<br />
I mean a visit<br />
from my friend,<br />
The Burger King.

This sorta reminds me of a situation I'm in right now in certain ways... There's not much you can do when you are in love with the person is there?

yes y are,i dont get why people have to play games like that,maybe thats why i never fit in anywhere