I Will Neither Block People Nor Delete Comments

Personally, I will neither block nor delete comments.

It aggravates me slightly when I am having a polite and interesting discussion with someone and then they block me or delete my comments because they feel threatened, instead of giving a counter argument. But, at the end of the day, they can do that if they wish - EP allows it and if they want they can choose to.But I personally will allow anyone to comment - discussion and debate is one of the key ways to the growth and aquiring of knowledge.

I do not block people or delete comments - I answer them, and if I do not agree with them, present my argument. I will not run away from a discussion, and if I feel that I am wrong I will not block of delete, just admit it. If I put something on the internet, I understand that it is up to scrutiny by others, no matter how personal it is to me.

If somebody says something that is trying to hurt me, I brush it off. Why? Because this is the internet! People can say whatever they like here, pretty much anonymously. If somebody can't deal with that yeah sure, they can go and block all the people they like, but I won't. I will be happy to discuss not matter how sharp or rude those person's comments may be.

If someone wants to argue against my viewpoint thatis more than acceptable. In fact, I like it, it makes for an interesting discussion. Because I will not delete comments, block, or "run away" from the discussion. You are free to. But me - no.

EP is about sharing experiences, and discussing them with others. And for me, part of that is freedom of speech, which deleting comments and blocking directly violates.
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Jul 28, 2011