I Don't Delete, I Just Block!

Even when the person is abusive with their comments, I don't delete them. I just block the person, after a while, if they insist on continuing with being rude to me. The comments will stay there, until that person delete it themselves! And I had a few double back and removed the evidence of why they were blocked. And then they ran and told their friends, "Shadow blocked me for no reason!" And then I have their misinformed friends come running after me. :-/

I think this is a dirty trick and pitiful. Highschool drama that EP doesn't need. But whatever... I'll just block their friends too, if they choose to be duped by the lies. =p

But my point is, I never delete comments. ;-)

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1 Response Mar 14, 2009

u seem to be very bright and out spoken u seem really cool