I absolutely refuse to eat at fast food restaurants.  McD's, BK, Wendy's, etc.  NEVER!  And I don't take my kids to them either.  I know what goes into thier food, the chemicals, etc.  There is also no taste in comparison to REAL food. 

Don't ever 'Super size' me -yes I saw that too, it only confirmed what I already believed.

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Yes agreed. How on earth have people been gullible enough to think that these chemical environmentally destructive cocktails are food? The nasty side of me giggles though at the fact that most people are what they eat and if you look at some of the people guzzling in the burger bars, it proves it!!

are you suggesting that fast food is better than sex???

Usually I don't eat it either. But sometimes I simply feel the need to "sexually satisfy" myself there.. Although I usually feel better before than afterwards :))

I remember 'whataburger' - we don't have them around here - but they were actually decent...

ah yes chemicals. they exist. I like Sonic & Whataburger. occasionally a Jack. but yes - horrible for me. wish i didn't love em but i do. ... <br />
sue me.