Not My Style

If you offend me I will send you a message in private to tell you so.  Many times misunderstandings happen when people air their dirty laundry in public stories, so I choose to handle mine in private where I can talk rationally, calmly, and privately with the person, and respect those that handle their concerns in this matter.

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i am looking for a girl

Well said. I wish everyone here felt the same. I figure if you have to attack me you have mighty low self esteem so I will just take the high road


LOL PT!<br />
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Iza, exactly girl (hugs).... this is a very old story but bc of my phone I have not seen peoples' comments so I am catching up today.

i'm totally with you FG, it's the best way to go about it. thank goodness i have never had to handle any problems. i will run and delete my account. lol

I missed billybong here because I am usually on my phone surfing and don't get all notifications on it. so I didn't see the comments he apparently left here. I am sorry if anyone was offended by his comments. I did not see them to delete them.

People attack when they feel threatened by the smallest thing.Some people fight for the attention.This billybong user is definenty one of them.He believes you should be punished for something someone of your same sex,race,religion,etc. has done,not you as an individual.I've been nice and not attacked him yet he claims I'm arguing.People like him make me a little embarassed to be part of the human race sometimes.


I agree FG, that everyone should "leave the drama for your moma" except my kids, of course, which should give it to someone else entirely. :)

Yes, and while we are speaking of adopting.... Adopt a shelter pet please! lol

LMAO, it is ok because me and my man got jiggy in your bed and didn't tell you. sooooo ewww you slept on it. Oh and I replaced your coffee with ground up cow dung. lol

Mom JJ p*ssed in my favorite shoes again.... MOOOOOOOMMMMMMM! whip her I say whip her now!<br />
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*fungirl bites JJ and dances off laughing hysterically because she knows JJ is getting grounded.*<br />
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LOL, well when you see JJ on my post just know I hate her (wink wink) because she is my evil sister!!!!<br />

how can we truly know we cant see or hear the person speaking so unless there is name calling and just mean rudeness its all about constructive discussion .....anyone who can make my head spin is worth the debate lol.

Yes it was but then you gave it to the dog to do the same lol. It was defense sister lol.

Sometimes it is good friends having fun with each other.

I agree with all of you however its occassionally comical watching two people have a debate in these stories at times funny to watch them go way off topic i just sit back make some popcorn and enjoy the show lol

Thanks Drewberry.

*Beams Juicyfruit Smile*

Thanks Golden Arrow. I appreciate you.

Thanks for joining this cause Fungirlmmm.<br />
Let's all work toward keeping it positive and respectful here.<br />
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Thanks sweetpea. Let's play word game in a few. I need a break from my Grandmother's To Do List.

Well put fungirl!!

lmao I heard about that although I haven't been as active as normal. I will try not to let you guys down.

I have seen an example of this in action Fungirl. You are successful in your aims!<br />
And in that context - the recent paedophile thread - I found it interesting that it was you who could refrain from personal attacks even though, arguably, you had the most reason to feel personally involved in the topic. That might be just because of who you are and this decision you've made, or it could be that when a topic is that important to someone, you don't want to be distracted by "drama" - it means too much for petty games.<br />
Go you!

VA, I have been lucky in that I have only had one time that a person did anything public to me, and what is funny is that I didn't even see it until another person pointed it out to me. By that time EP had already intervened. LOL<br />
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Love, thanks for your comment sweetie.<br />
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Dew, Why would I attack you if that is really what you want? Would it not make you madder if I didn't?<br />
<br />
My, I like Drama free in my life as I know you do as well.

Some people just need the attention and drama to survive, unfortunately!


I wish everyone could learn to do this. Think of the drama and misunderstanding it would prevent.