Dirty Laundry Needs to Be Washed, Not Aired!

A simple note in a private saying, "Dear (whoever), Please refrain from causing me personal offense." works nicely.

Blogging or writing stories, or keying cars, throwing eggs, etcetera.... in public achieves nada and gets you reported any way.

Has decorum gone by the wayside like tacky 70s mustaches (ohyeah babeh)?

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*smiles* I know, but in a nicer world... :P

"Dear (whoever), Please refrain from causing me personal offense."<br />
It'd be nice to say that without them laughing at you.Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.Some people look for fights,like this guy did to me earlier.Lol.He's actually on a one sided fight considering I'm not arguing,just stating facts and my feelings on someones stupidity.He calls it "arguing" because that's what he obviously wants.It's like watching someone argue with a fencepost,a bit humorous,confusing,and a bit offensive when they turn to you when they realize they're talking to a fencepost.

This site seems to be a "troll free zone".<br />
If any show up, they are promptly dispatched to a site I refuse to mention that is located in CyberHell....

Nice sentiment. :) A big thumbs up from me!

I had this happen today TRW. The person sent the request and I replied and it was a misunderstanding as it was something posted a LONG time ago. I went back and fixed it and I am still friends with the person. There was no drama and I appreciate the person even more now.

Great post! I agree - write as if the writer and commentator were face to face! Thank you, TRW!

TRW, you have always stood strong in defense of people while doing so without negative drama in a respectful, forthright manner. I've always respected you for that.

Haha - nice how this has become a post about moustaches.<BR>I think the PM thing is great. Shows you take the time and find it important.<BR>But I also think it's important to say it publically. If someone is attacking me or someone else in public, I think think they should be firmly but politely told in public that its not acceptable. That helps create a sense of community responsibility I think.

Thanks for the post & joining the wave of positivity.<br />
<br />
You are AWESOME!

No stand alone mustaches.........Got it.

Well, Burt wears one well. ;)