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i stumbled upon a seemingly well intended discussion about how to stop personal attacks on EP, "what a humble cause" I thought. But being new to EP I am not aware of the diff. key players and their following so I should have just kept my opinion to myself, but I am a fixer by  nature so I honestly thought I could help. I know from experience that sometimes an outsiders opinion can be the voice of reason. But I was proved wrong. I simply suggested not giving these people attention and they would stop. My suggestion was not well received and I felt almost ganged up on for having an opinion. i am in an emotionally frail state right now so that one incident of "public stoning" almost sent me packing. I walked away for awhile and came back with a clear head lol. This place has been a wonderful outlet for me and I do not intend on getting sucked into anymore drama. I should have maybe suggested my solution privately to the person, probably would have had a better outcome. A group of well doers can be just as devastating and cruel as the initial trouble maker. I am now vowing to stay clear of all this drama and use the site as intended, to find myself again and hopefully help others along the way.

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Thank God you posted this.I'm sorry you went through that public stoning,but I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been publically stoned for making a valid point.I think people do that on purpose because they WANT to be a victim for the sake of sympathy.Sympathy is self gratification for people who want to make others feel as crappy as they do. One guy is making the assumption through the example ,"If a parent was killed,the child shouldn't get justice by confining the killer to prison" It's too long to explain so if you want full details read the comments on my "Complaining vs. "remembering"" story.My point is that I'm tired of people trying to make me apologize for what other people in my race have done years ago.Something I'm not responsible for.His point is that I should be punished for my heritage.whew,can people get any more stupid?

I plan on it. hopefully i will figure more out about the profiles so i can play with mine more lol

no kiddinng.. save some time for yourself.<br />
hang tough<br />
you better post a picture when she gets here (a girl right?)

Actually my third. I also have an 11 year old girl and a 3 year old girl! So yes I am pretty much a pro lol. My dr is taking me off the brethine (med. to stop contractions) Wed. so hopefully I will be done with it by next weekend. I love my girls but being pregnant for almost a year is almost too much lol.

This is your second right? You're an old pro by now...<br />
<br />
:: how soon before the epidural? ::

Y thank u daaalin (my attempt at writing a southern draw ;) ) I dont feel great but I am in the home stretch now...startin 2 feel the anxiety.

You LOOK GREAT.. Hang tough!

yep me in all my 9 month pregnant glory lol

let it fly amyjo... be yourself... <br />
i love your av pic BTW... is that you?

I just adore your positivity! U always have something good to say to people nomatter what the subject and I long to be like that. I will find my voice here, that was my mission, just hope i dont hurt anybody along the way. That is more of my life misssion lol ., I know i just stumbled into something i shouldnt have, you live and learn, because I have met so many great people here already. Thanks guys for your support, im gonna hang around awhile, i truly do like this place. it feels good to finally be able to discuss things i have held inside.

AmyJo. I too am sorry for your bad experience. I can say after being here a year & 1/2 that it truly is the exception and not the rule (assuming you want to stay away from that stuff). Yes, sometimes the drama finds its way to you regardless; as in your well intended story. But for the most part, you'll figure out the positive forces here. Even some of the nay sayers in this so called drama fest on EP have good things to say... One person in particular here (who shall remain nameless) has no idea how I've championed HER CAUSE to some whom she would consider enemies. Yet, still I fell victim... was lumped in as 'guilty by association'. That's okay - i will continue to forgive, forget and move on... I know the mud slinging goes both ways and is rarely fair to anyone (right or wrong in their point).... <br />
<br />
Thus, this group... <br />
<br />
<BR><BR>~ peace ~<BR><BR>Thanks for the post.

I am going to delete the other story anyway, once i figure out how. I dont want to be part of the problem. Thank you for your concern though.

I am sorry you were received in this manner. I missed the drama once again and I am happy for that, but again I am sorry that you were subjected to whatever it was that caused you to write this post. I have no intention of reading the other story so that I will honestly be able to say I didn't see drama.