Mmm, Cheeseburgers.

I'm not giving up something I enjoy eating for the sake of the animals or other people. I've never had a problem with where meat came from. I think when I found out when I was younger I just shrugged and went on with life.
Truth is, whether I decide to eat meat or not, it's going to be sold the same. I'm relatively healthy I would think, and going without would be too big a change in not only my diet, but my entire attitude towards meals. I'll eat what I enjoy, and if somebody else wants to be a vegetarian or vegan, that's fine with me. Just don't try to guilt me!
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Saying, "Mmm, cheeseburgers" displays your extreme lack of respect for vegetarians, your lack of maturity, and your lack of care.
If you were eating meat because you believe it is natural, "not wrong", healthy, etc., you would not try to make it sound like a happy thing to kill them for food to "please your taste buds", but maturely address that you believe it is natural and beneficial.

"Don't try to guilt me!" Then don't try to guilt any person who has abused another human, tortured, murdered, for any reason, even entertainment. If you want to not abuse, torture, that's fine. Don't try to guilt those that do though.

I will again post what I will continually need to write.

Poor countries can't afford the cash crops as part of their main meals that developed countries spend to feed the animals for meat-production.

Animals are not simply being killed from a free, natural situation, but from dirty, cramped situations of suffering.
It is like humans who are in 23/24-hour confinement but worse, they did not do something "bad" to deserve it, and they can't even reason out the situation to find any peace of mind.

The quality of your meat is also reduced because of their poor living situation, they can not move around, and that they are often literally fed candy, cookies, and other junk food, because the factory does not care about your health.