When It's All Too Much.

I think that a lot of people on the Experience Project can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed. For me, it is not an uncommon thing, and yet I have no great life trauma or loss to explain this. Perhaps it is simply a matter of the way our brains are wired, that no matter how centred and balanced one can be at other times, our deepest fractures can snake out with their blackness and still trap us.

Yet, if you fall;

Bring your knees to the cool floor,
Your head towards the original earth
And your spine the arc of your despondancy -

You are connected,
The ground is solid
And your body is coiled

Even in collapse
The coiled spirit remains
You are life

And life is movement
A stumble
A tumble
A falling

But forwards, and into the future.

That tomorrow might be different a little;
TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
31-35, M
5 Responses Jun 22, 2007

It's always a good thing to see things , from the light point of view .. <br />
<br />
Thanx so much , for sharing this beautiful words ...<br />
<br />
Peace ouT :) ...

so true- i never looked at it that way<br />
thanks tardy!

Hope is exactly what I need. Your story brought me a bit. Thank you.

Wonderful and heartfelt. I love it!