Because It Ain't True

I am supposed to have bipolar disorder, but I haven't had any real symptoms of mania for about 5 years.  I used to be horribly depressed, so I know what it feels like.  I just don't feel haunted by any memories of that.  I don't buy into the idea that just because I was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder, I must be constantly be struggling with my moods.  I feel like my moods are very stable.  You know what sounds depressing to me?  Having to battle one's own nature.  Props to all those who are depressed and are living their lives as best they can.

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I wish it were simply just an act of the will---but you are right it shouldn't define you. People do the best they can. Gotta accept your design.

I just know that I cope better (and so do the people around me) when I take my meds. I definitely have a chemical deficiency. Having said that, I don't let the *label* define me. I am so much more than that !

LOL honey. I would just love to put my third grade picture on here. Stringy hair and buck teeth! <br />
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Thank you Drew for your cool comment. Sometimes I wonder if I really need my meds, but I don't dare skip 'em.

thanks, Sage, that's me 3rd grade -- I still feel like 'her' -- ruuuuuuuuuuuunnnn Forrrrrest....

I could have written this story myself. (Bi-Polar. Mild to Mod Depression) & I went about a year without meds and did just fine. Truth is, I just feel better taking them - personal choice.<br />
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Mood disorders don't have to define us...and I agree it's no good battling our nature. <br />
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Sadly for some, the symptoms are so severe, they are worth fighting with a vengence just to have some quality of life.<br />
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This is an awesome attitude. Thanks for sharing a different point of view.

Thank you, honey. That's a cute avatar!

I really like this, Sage. I'm glad that your depressed days are behind you. That's why I follow you, I'm inspired.