Forget It!

Unless it is a romantic situation with a lover, and I'm frisky enough, then maybe. Otherwise, I refuse to kiss anyone's ***! And I don't require it for myself, either! That's one of my pet-peeves, "brown-nosers"! :-/

I will compliment a person, honestly, if I feel like it. But I do not kiss up! EVER! If someone needs an ego-stroking, they're on their own! I knew a women (well, still do, but not talking with her much anymore), who is a real diva and ego maniac! She's on FaceBook, don't worry, no one who is on EP! ;-)

Anyhoo, she makes me SO very pissed, as she wants everyone to kiss her ***. One of my friends has mentioned in her Facebook status that she was feeling sad and didn't know why. I was ready to send her a reply, to try and cheer her up or find out what was the matter. This diva-woman beat me to the punch, with a reply of, "Oh, you're just feeling sad, because I am sick today." And this girl stopped to kiss this woman ***, by saying how sorry she was that the diva-woman wasn't feeling well! Pissed me off! :-o

Here this girl had to forget her own pain, to cater to this diva-woman's attitude! It made me so angry! I had a migraine that day, which is always the worst, but when I saw the girl's status... it didn't matter and I was ready to reach out and comfort her. Yet, for the diva-woman, she only cared about herself. I should have written the nice girl some well wishes anyways, but I was so disgusted, that I had to log off. When I came back, the girl status had changed, saying that she was okay and happy. :-/

The diva-woman doesn't like me much anymore, because I had stopped kissing her ***, LONG ago. And so, she resents me now. But hey, I'm not her undying fan and she's not a rock-star. =p

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Mar 12, 2009