I Choose To Smile Still

The choice to smile and cry falls on our laps every day and sometimes the pain falls harder than we expect. Sadness can be a dense path, sometimes full of thorns that we have built ourselves with all kinds of bad thoughts. And these are the moments we can get help of friends who water our garden with love and caring feelings, which makes the thorns easier and soft to be plucked. But to get rid of them is a task that only we can do, nobody else.
Simple? Not always, but I refuse to let life get me down, if I let the unknown drives me crazy, then I will waste the time to live. I could sit here and complicate my life more, I could blame others and even that I have a reason to be down now, I prefer  to be thankful and blessed for my life, trying to see grace in difficulty, sweet in the bitter. And I try to be around people who add more color to my special home: the heart.
There is no mystery, no magic wand. In the moments of fear, which I don’t have it now, it is important that I feel home within me. It is feeling the warmness in my own heart that I choose to smile still. 

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3 Responses May 7, 2012

Keep on smiling and remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel it may be hard to see but it is there. To choice to smile is a great choice and a hard one to make.

There's never a reason to smile all the time. If we smile all the time, then the smile loses it's value. It loses it's meaning.<br />
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True, there are so many things and people in our lives to cherish. And many of us are more blessed than perhaps we know.<br />
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But, crying is good. It is good to admit when we are sad, or angry, or scared.<br />
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The beauty of a smile is that you can pass the energy and the joy of that smile onto someone who needs it. Smiles are far more powerful than tears, especially when those smiles are sincere. The power of a single smile can erase the pain of many tears.<br />
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So, if you need to cry, cry. I will be there with a warm and welcoming smile.

Yes it is only ourselves we turn to and the light within when darkness looms. But there is always a time to emerge and share our burdens with those who we can depend on as this can often make the light shine brighter.