Makes Me More Human

Sometimes I regret when people don't hear you out but bombard you with many negative thoughts that can somehow injure your emotional being. I might be naughty, bitchy or just the plain old me but if I have wronged you and I realized my mistake I am willing to make amends. I can't say the word "I'm sorry" so easily because for me it's like surrendering your wits and you lost your dignity by laying your aces on the table. However, if it's called for I would swallow my pride to accept my shortcoming. If the person would still insist to make me grovel and bend my knees, that's too much. If I say "I'm sorry and how can I make it up to you?", I mean it. So don't brush me off neither ignore me nor give me the cold shoulder because you're not just hurting my feelings but you are going to breach whatever we have. So, what I do is to go away from that person, shut my door and leave it close until that person can make me believe by going the extra mile that we should still continue the friendship from where we left off. I know that I am worth keeping because I can be a good friend but I can also be your enemy if you make me go in circles without acknowledging the fact that I too is being disheartened. I have my passing moment if you have hurt me so bad because I refuse to let regret destroy me. I deserve happiness because as a friend I can also make you happier. I can treasure the friendship in ages and even in real life I am trustworthy and loyal but wouldn't have second thoughts to leave the friendship if you would push me away. Maybe, I don't deserve your treatment but if you're still there in my circle, you have to prove your worth to me. It makes me more human to feel some level of regrets but it can never destroy me because am too brave to face any kind of adversary. I have weathered many storms in my life and regrets are minimal reason to put me down. So please, don't  make me regret that you come into my life because I might  pass the path that you  have taken too and I want to draw a beautiful landscape with you. Love  me the way I love you or treat me the way I treat you, so you can make me stay there with you forever. Friendship needs mutual respect and trust. These are its binding pacts.
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thank you, hotchocolate1

Wow nicely said!

Exactly. Love begets love. Unending friendship blossoms through time when nurtured with love, respect and trust.