Why Does My Husband Yell At Me Alone? Is It A Power Trip?

God only knows how many times I have tried to please this man to no avail... I can never succeed -- no matter how hard I try there is always something to scream or yell about.  It took me long enough to figure out that I don't deserve this.  Can you please tell me if there is any reason why a person should yell at another, especially a husband to his wife?  Isn't he supposed to love me and treat me with respect and love and show how much he cares?   There are things that I do (or don't do)  that are really not that serious to me yet it seems to mean a world of difference to my husband.   

I am a 43 year old woman who has a husband with a temper problem, and although he doesn't physically abuse me, I have to admit, verbally he does.    We have been married for 7 years this coming spring, yet we have really only lived together this past year for about 8 months altogether throughout the 7 years, because things keep happening that just tear us apart.   These past four months have been both good and bad.  But this morning I just felt like screaming, crying and I really am getting tired of this life of confusion and ups and downs... !!!  I got home and started hyperventilating.  Today is the second day of school for my daughter and she missed the bus because I overslept.  I have my husband's car at home so I decide like any mother who has a car at home to not rush her since it's my fault and take her to school which is approx. 1 mile away.  When he called I told him I overslept,  he starts yelling at me because according to him I'm home doing nothing, I shouldn't be oversleeping, why am I wasting gas.  He says she shouldn't be missing the bus.  Then he came home (he's a driver and was passing by the house) and inspected the garbage cans -- the garbage was supposed to go out today and to make matters worst, i had forgotten to put out the garbage last week, but in the four months that I have lived here, I had never forgotten to put out the garbage.  It's not something that happens.  I think I'm just getting tired of pleasing him because it doesn't matter what I do, he always finds something I didn't do to yell at me about.  Do you think these are reasons to yell and have an argument with your wife about???

We are both Christians and so I tolerate because I don't believe in divorce.  I keep insisting that we need to go to a Christian Marriage Retreat because we've already tried counseling.  He needs to learn how to communicate things to me without yelling.  Will anything help?  Can this be outgrown?  I can't be any more tolerant than I have been.  There is many more other things I don't agree with that I have had to swallow my pride for, but I cannot do this anymore.  I'm suffocating.  I just want out.  I can't take it anymore.  

Marilyng413 Marilyng413
41-45, F
Aug 16, 2011