Who's Charging For Air???

Oh. so like we have to pay to breathe now? WTF? I am putting out any $$$ for my O2.
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Believe it or not, factories pay for the amount of "carbon" pollution they put into the air. If they come under thier limit, they're allowed to sell off the rest of the ability to pollute to the highest bidder.<br />
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In other words, they're selling off the right to pollute more to another company so they can keep thier business open and continue to pollute over thier limit.

The largest polluters have the best spin-doctors to shift blame to the least powerful, regardless of how little OUR contribution to "The Problem" is. As long as the mega-corp lobbies are the real power in DC, we're gonna be the ones to get ****** by ANY new legislation. Get used to it cuz it ain't gonna get better until it gets MUCH worse.