I Used to and It Is a Regret

As a child and teenager, I was very strait laced and sensible, took myself way too seriously, had crippling shyness and my biggest fear was being embarassed in front of others.

That is no longer the case, thankfully.  I was provided with a very much new outlook on life, that transformed me in many ways and as very evident here, whilst I can write from the heart, from pain and reach out, I am also, in the words of moo, a fruitloop.  I enjoy laughing, randomness, I am very approachable and do not care now if I embarass myself, life is for living, not for preserving a holier than thou attitude


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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

That is the reason you are one of my favorite EP friends. You are as batty as I am. lol

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Rock on fruitloop! ;)