Life Is Too Short To Take Work Home!

If it comes to the point where someone has to force you or someone to take work home, they need to hire someone else. If there is no money for that, then why the hell do they push people like they do? Wait, I know the answer to that. They made a promise that is so unrealistic, they force people to go through extremes to make them look good and cover up the fact that they are clueless.

One thing I've learned is that life is too short to bring work home. After work is the time you have to enjoy life or try to. It's the one place for me that I could attempt to unwind from a madhouse of a job. So bring the insanity home because why? Some higher ranking clown would like it? Ha! I value my sanity too much to do that. Life can vanish in an instant, or something might come up that might be more serious than you realize. In such a case, when you realize how you've spent your life up to that point, you start to realize what's truly important in life. You can't get that time back that was yours that you might have devoted to a job. When things go sour, you get canned and/or replaced. You can't replace time.

It is also interesting to note that after 10 hours (including lunch time and possibly commute time), your productivity drops by 75%. So after commuting back from a job, one takes work after whatever day they had, this is beneficial how? It's a great way to burn oneself out, and it's a form of slavery if you ask me. You don't necessarily get paid for your time to do someones work. So you go to work so you can have a place away from work to do more work? That's not living but existing for work.

It's bad enough that with some jobs, when you walk out the door, the job is playing on your mind regardless. When you have to bring work home, that's just retarded if you ask me. It takes away from ones break from work. I also never ever want a job that requires me to have a smart phone. There is nothing like having your phone buzz all night from 2AM on because someone was too cheap to upgrade their hard drive since before 9/11. Oh wait, that issue wasn't my problem as that was not my job to begin with! I also didn't need to get an email by phone from someone who told me AFTER they landed that there was a bug that had to be fixed by 9am my time. To me, that's not being allowed to be away from the job. After I leave work, I don't care if the building burned to the ground. If it did, call the freaking fire department and not me! Something is broke? Well, there is tommorow. If you don't like that, oh well.
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1 Response May 20, 2011

I don't take work home. I just never leave work. Today was 17 hours.