I Do Not Even Have This Piece of Garbage on my System!

Because I run Linux, I do not even have this dreadful thing (nor any other Micro$**t crap) on any of my computers.
When I design web pages, I put in a feature that "Exploder" does not recognize. If the person veiwing the page is using that trash, they will not see the page as I intended it. I indicate this by saying that they should see it in a particular manner, and if it does not do that, they are using an inferior browser (either the one made by the Seattle company or the one associated with the worst "ISP" [A-Oh-Hell for those who don't know] in the world) and should close it and switch to a proper browser.
It's my way of getting even with those absurd sites that require the awful one to work right. Yuck!
Don't use any Mrcor$**t products if you don't have to! Linux is much better!
NakedDriver NakedDriver
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1 Response Jul 13, 2010

btw, i use iceape most of the time except on here where i use seamonkey as iceape does not do the advanced story editor right.<br />
i also have iceweasel, opera, chrome, and konqueror on my system but rarely use them.