^my browser of choice. I had issues with IE before I started using FF, but after I switched to the superior browser I never went back. I LOATHE IE. It doesn't have nearly as many features, and the security's crap. Unfortunately, certain web companies like Yahoo! refuse to make their services compatible with any other browser. So much for them. IE is just one more example of why Windows sucks. I still refuse to install Vista.
Christabel Christabel
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3 Responses Jul 24, 2007

we have both firefox and IE on our computer we use firefox but God forbid if I want to play a came on yahoo it's doesn't work with firefox (well some of them do) but if I really want to play a certain a game I have to go back to IE it sucks big time

Wow, is it really that bad??? Is there no way to change that setting?

haha, you're so sweet... I hate the old IE6; but IE7 is OK... I use it together with Firefox, because firefox is so much easier to use :P ...<br />
And don't buy Vista... the security warnings are killing me... like * are you sure you want to move this file?* - Yes ... *do you want to proceed* - Yes... *Please write the administrator password* -....ok... and all that for just a small tiny txt file... OMG...