This Better Be a Life Changing Autograph.

I dread the day I have a teenage girl or four, and they fall in love with some singing idol, and have me haul them to the mall to get CDs and posters signed by said idol.
(Will CDs even still exist then? D: )

I'm all for celebrity crushes, but good God. Standing in line for three and a half hours for a scribble on a school notebook or overpriced poster released just for the event?

I couldn't do it as a tween, and that makes me less inclined to believe I can do it as a mother someday, as much as I'd like to be able to.

I'll brave Best Buy for a PlayStation 17, I'll camp out for tickets to a musical or concert, I'd rather even wait in line at Whole Foods for delicious produce, but I can't justify standing around for a signature.
snokat snokat
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1 Response Jun 12, 2007

I understand the sentiment. My main reaction to a signed piece of wares is "I wonder how much I could get on e-bay for this"