Thong Song

a couple recently celebrated their 40th anniversary and recounted the details of their honeymoon. the groom had given the bride some money and his fondest wish was for her to wear a pair of them "new-fangled" undies-"thongs". he told his blushing bride to go pick some "thongs" up.

the wedding night arrived, and, beside himself, the man asked his new wife to go model the lingerie for him. sighing to herself, and a little disturbed by her husband's fetish, she dressed in the thongs the store clerk had told her were "all the rage".

who was more surprised-the groom or the bride-when she came out of the bathroom modeling for her husband what she thought was his kink-a pair of "flip-flop" thong shoes.


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2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

your welcome.

that is funny, i like it.