Cinnamon Flavored Candy

The type of therapy I provide to children sometimes gives me a brief moment to myself. A moment where I can slip out the door and possibly grab a cup of water, or a tissue. In this case, it was the infamous basket of 6 month old assorted candies that my boss had left out. There used to be legitimately delicious chocolates in this basket, but *blush* I took them out--every last one of those caramel and/or peanut buttery goodness all went to my gluttonous rampaged happiness. All that was left in that basket were the misfits. All the candies no one else will eat, but I had to have one. I needed sugar. And so I slipped out the door, came back in, and popped one in my mouth, and to my dismay the red candy was not strawberry flavored as I anticipated, but a cinnamon sting. Yes Sting. This apparently startled me, because I took one deep gulp of air in then began to choke silently.

The child who was undergoing a therapy session was watching E.T. in the background--she was focused, and unaware of the fact that I was fighting for my life. In mid-choke, I realized I had 3 options 1) panic and die 2) cough heavily and risk the chance of having this large round cinnamon (cursed cinnamon) flavored candy fly out of my mouth and into this child's eye, or 3) breath in heavily and swallow that baby whole. So I inhaled heavily, knowing the candy was too large and solid to effectively choke me, and so it went through the right passage way, and I ended up burping cinnamon breaths for a good 3 hours. It felt uncomfortable, somewhat like a little mouse being rolled around in the belly of an anaconda, but what else could I do? I didn't want to risk traumatizing the child.

Lesson learned. I will never, ever, assume that red candy is strawberry flavored.
Jujalee Jujalee
1 Response May 5, 2012

all that stomach acid fizzled it out into nothingness *sighs of relief*