I am regreting breaking up with my boyfriend

I broke up with my boyfriend two days ago.  We were in a long distance relationship.  I regret that I broke up with him.  He lives in a different province so i did it over the phone.  He was suppose to come visit me this Friday but I canceled his trip mostly because the relationship was getting intense - I have been hurt in past relationships so I became scared. The reason I gave him was that my instincts told me this wasn't going to work out for me but I am now questioning my decision.  Right  before breaking up, another ex showed up unexpectedly at my door.  The previous ex had cheated on me so he triggered my fear of commitment.

I had left the long-distance ex several messages but he hasn't returned my phone calls.  I've also e-mailed him twice as he may have deleted my messages before listening to them.  I want him back as he is a good man.  I kept some emotional distance in the relationship, always expecting that I would get hurt or that I would hurt him.  I had informed him of my fears early in the relationship and he had been willing to work on this with me. I've been a mess these past couple of days. 

I've asked for his forgiveness and to reconsider.  I've let him know I've made mistakes in the relationship.  My breaking up was impulsive.  I want him back.

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i am in the same boat, however I don't know if I should get back together with him

We did end up back together.

I meant long distance boyfriend - not ex boyfriend as I strongly believe that he will come back into my life. I'm going to keep referring to him as my boyfriend now - the Laws of Attraction that will bring him back to me.

Thank you. I will give him space to reflect. I just wanted him to know that I regret what I did. I hope he calls me and when he does I will try to be brave.

I hope that you do get him back. Maybe he's upset that you canceled his trip...give him time. It's just two days, and you've still got a lot of time to make up with him. Be brave when he does call you :)