Continuously Mess Up

I was with my husband since we were both 15. I had several mishaps regarding other people when we were dating as did he. But in 2009 just 3 months after we had gotten married I met someone and had a one night stand. Which continued into 10 months of seeing him. My husband and I repaired our marraige and had our daughter in 2011. Shortly thereafter he said he wanted a divorce and 5 months later I began seeing someone else. Now he tells me I'm cheating and that I'm a horrible person. I regret ever messing up my marraige. It wasn't worth it. He was the best husband a woman could ask for and I messed it up on some loser who wasn't worth it. I love him still but he wants nothing to do with me anymore :'( I miss him since he moved out and wish there was something I can do to get back the love of my life.
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arzayas if you battle from BPD made you could blame it on your ilness plead for a second chance.

Quite frankly! I know of a woman personally who has been through what you have just described. her husband is a M.D and she cheated on him with some loser who dumped her. Her husband gave her the boot! 3 months later she came to his new home and asked if she could clean it? she never left and todate he bought a mansion and she is currently pregnant. maybe you could learn from this.