*I AM VENTING SO LEAVE ME THE **** ALONE!!!*

idk why i even fuking came back here, it was nothing but a huge ******* mistake. i cant write here anymore, because if i say how im really feeling, i either am being stalked by my ******* ex, or i get called a god damn attention seaker, so whats the damn pioint, and tonight i kinda came to the conclusion, that no one really cares about me, and wants me around, they just ******* feel sorry for me, i dont give a damn no more, i wish i didnt like this place, i ahte that it hruts to be here so much! im fuking tired, fof never being fuking good enough for anyone, for anything for ****, that is what i feel like is fuking ****, wahts the point of being somewhere u r noty wanted, and life doesn't ******* ewant me, ppl on ep dont want me, family dont want me no one, nothing, nadda, i ******* dont care no mroe1

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Jul 15, 2010