Marry In Haste

I married my current husband to spite my last lover but I'm the one who has ended up regretting my actions and instead of him begging me to be his again he's told me he'll never again trust me with his heart.
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It gets like that anyway. I trusted my wife with my heart and she broke it as bad as anyone could ever do it. When you are forced to love only who you married, you are at the mercy of that person being true to you. If they decide they don't want to be who they said they would be before the marriage, you get left holding the bag. There are alot of dishonest people out there and you never know if you will be stuck with one of them...until it's too late.

U 2!

Which part of .....NO ..... do you have problems understanding?

Naw that would be boring in all the wrong ways. I have a low boredom threshold.

Oh so you think the way into my knickers is through my stories .... could be ... but not yet!<br />
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As Scarlett said, tomorrow is another day!

Oh yes been there so many times. I would so love to have him in FMF but where he was mine and not hers and both he and she pleasured me and while he pleasured me I pleased her. Hmmmm such thoughts dreams are made of, and sexual fantasies too.

No, but he didn't want anyone but me. He was happy to be mine alone and to allow me to have others.

Maybe, he knows how much I still love and want him and he's told me he still loves me and that I am his soul mate, he just doesn't feel he could ever again trust his heart to me.<br />
Oh but this special man makes love just like a woman and when we were together he was so unselfish and let me have other men, no I know he'd let me have other women. It was this discussion and his last rejection that caused me to get drunk and make a pass at a cute lady at a arty that led to my husband catching me make out.<br />
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My ex wanted me to be so happy and allowed me to be that bad, bad ****, his greatest pleasure was seeing me fulfilled.

You mean move out or move to where I'm currently living?<br />
I encouraged my current husband to move back home - to here - because this is also where my ex-fiancé lives and after I married again I cajoled my new husband into moving back to his home town so I could be near my ex! He'd see me happily married, regret us parting and ask me back to him.

I divorced 13 years ago to my first husband but I'm about to split from my second husband. My ex-fiancé I've written about here has told me he'll never again trust his heart to me and my current husband caught me making out with another woman and has asked me to move out, so I'm going back home to Maryland.