There were signs right before that I should run! I ignored them because I thought it was too close to the wedding date and we already have a child together so he was going to be in my life anyway. I thought it was just cold feet and I should wait until after the honey moon, stupid, but the problems still remain. The ironic thing is that he misplaced the marriage license before we could send it in, and now I think that was another sign, maybe we aren't really married after all! We are emotionally two very different people, I should have taken a break to step back from things before we got married. I love my daughter and could not deal with sharing her on weekends or some other custody agreement. So I hang in there.
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1 Response Jul 27, 2014

Marriage is not for everyone. I was very happy when I was single. You really have to think about what your getting yourself into before you marry.

Number one, check with the courthouse and see if there is any record of your marriage license. Perhaps luck is on your side and there is no marriage license filed with the courthouse. If this is the case, the marriage is Null and Void.

I'm just saying...