I really don't know how to start this because it makes me cry thinking of my little buba finding this app made me happy knowing I wasn't the only girl feeling this I was with my bf who well I'm with now and we was seeing eachother for two years and then it stopped when I broke up with him when I got back I to college I started to get symptoms and that night I went hopsital to find out I was pregnant at first I was so excited knowing I'm having a baby but knew I couldn't have it with the colleges help I managed to get an abortion I was nine weeks pregnant when my baby died and till this date I regret it soo much it's killed me so much that I lost my baby that I have no happiness anymore I can't stand my bf anymore I hate him I'm horrible to him I'm so paranoid with him everything he does I hate I guess because of the anger that's built I cry 6x in a day just thinking of my baby and last week I was told I have clinical depression but last week I was diagnosed with mentality issues because it has killed me and hit me so hard I can't talk to anyone he won't let me tell my family or talk to anyone about it he keeps telling me if I tell he will kill himself I don't know why I'm still protecting him after everything his done to me I need someone to talk to please 😢 of someone has been in the same situation as me please message me I need someone who would be able to understand my pain please I need help
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I would advice you to concentrate in studies..there is no point thinking about the past and spoiling your health n wasting ur time..when ever u feel low ask the below questions to yourself 1)am i financially stable to raise my kid 2)do i have enough support to take care of my baby n myself 3)will my parents feel happy if i deliver a baby before marriage..if ur answer is no then stop worrying...

Thank you so much it is true but I know my family would have supported me it was more about the guys family I was to In love with him which is why I cry so much I'm deppressed I have mentality issues I've lost so much In just not a happy person I'm still with him but I don't know why I am because I hate him if that makes sense

You are still sticking to him coz u still love him though u say that u hate him u still like him..did u ever ask him if he is interested to marry u?..if he says yes stick to this relationship else move on..he is not worth it there are better people in this world..

He wants to marry me Infact he wants to get engaged to me this year and talk to my parents but I feel he thinks I'm threatening him to be with me when that isn't the case because I'm not that sort of girl he goes his here with his own will because he loves me so much I'm his world and no one has ever done what I did for him so he wouldn't ever want to leave a girl like me I'm perfect for him that's what he says I just don't know why I still hate him I still hold a grudge what he made me do he did it for his family he didn't really think what would happen to me