Today I can't seem to stop think I made a mistake. I really want a baby. I'm so confused.
I need to get my life together and get it fit to have a family. Get a permanent job as my contract runs out in 10 months and save up. I keep saying to myself that I had the abortion for a reason so why now do I want a family!???
I feel so overwhelmed. Full of these emotions, confused and fed up of feeling like this! I want to scream to let it all out but I can't
cjay89 cjay89
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 4, 2014

If ur confuse jus ask urself question like am I ready for a child??can I handle a child??can I provide my child with everything he/she needs??Is this what I want??Can I cope with a baby now??If u know u have no doubt to these question why not go for it...hope I help in some way. :)