Just before New Years I had an abortion. I regret this a lot as since then my partner has changed got a job and well been more understanding touch wood don't want to jinx this. I've lost my job unfortunately we've got our own flat which we've had before I found out I was pregnant.. If only he didn't act the way he did after I told him I was pregnant. He pretty much ignored me, never came home. Left me to feel like I was a huge mistake and broke up with me after 6-7 years I thought he would be a little more adult about it. So I felt I had no choice. I also felt like I was not ready I still wanted to party etc but since.. I've been out 3 times and not really fussed. It's changed me but don't know how to trust my partner again if it ever happened again
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1 Response Feb 9, 2015

I'm so sorry :(