Only If I Could

I lost my virginity to a someone who truly didn't deserved it. He was my friend for three years before I lost it to him. I liked him while we were friends but he choose my other friends over me. So he dated them and when it didn't work out hell come back trying to talk to me. I thought he cared about me and loved me like he said but clearly I was wrong. After that night we dd it he didn't speak to me anymore. It hurts to the core knowing that I wasn't special to him like he was to me and I was just one of his play things. This happen nearly two years ago and I'm still affected by this. I still cry at night sometimes because I want my virginity back so bad. I wish I could take it back I prayed to God that hopefully he would allow me to take it back. I also hate the fact that Im still suffering from this and he's just living his life with no pain to face. I am extremely hurt and I really don't know how to move past it.
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

I sort of have the same story. Some guys are just ******** I don't understand how someone could just do that to someone Nd not feel bad about it!!

I know this really won't help, but thank goodness you found out what a turd he was before he took even more from you