Fell For His Tricks.

i lost my virginity when i was 14. i was a freshman in highschool. it was a school night. and i snuck out to get it on with some dirty man *****.

it all started the summer before my freshman year when i got new next door neighbors. and there happened to be a boy who was my age and i thought he was soo hot. i have a twin sister and after trying to get her, he realized she would never like him. so he moved to me because he knew i was "in love" with him. he would dirty text/sext me. i knew it wasnt right but i thought that he probably liked me if he was sexting me. and i told myself "geeze, hes ganna get me to have sex before im married" (i was the kind of person who wanted to wait to have sex until i was married) and boy was i right. i loved all the sexual attention he was giving me. he got me to sneak into his house almost every night. we would make out, then each time i went over it was always a little bit more. then one night it just happened. i was on top and he slipped his ***** inside of me.
when i went home i cried and i knew i was never going to do that again. (thats not the case anymore tho, but thats a whole different story lol.)

when my current boyfriend found out i had sex with him (he knew i wasnt a virgin, he just didnt know who i did it with) he got pissed. (we werent together when it happened, i didnt even know him)

and them one of my really good friends like fell in love with the guy i lost my virginity to. and i never told her about it because i am NOT proud of it. and she eventually found out and got pissed. (we didnt know each other when it happened tho so it didnt make sense to me why she was so mad because i didnt know that id be friends with someone who was going to fall in love with him so i couldnt control what happened.)

but yeah i regret losing it to him! he never really even "liked" me and he sexts girls all the time! even after 4 years he still does! he is such a horn dog!
i wish my current boyfriend was my first because we actually love each other.
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Man I felt the same too! After marriage

Especially younger and teenage boys really only think about sex. It's true.

true that lol

yes men are pigs at time