Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Boy.

It was the worst idea I've ever had, probably. Somehow my best friend's boyfriend managed to convince me that it was me he had loved all along. And who was I to deny it? It hurt so badly, watching them together, when I loved him so much. So I believed him. On the afternoon of their five-month anniversary, when she was shopping with her mom, I was in his bed. We were both virgins, but he was a year older than me. It was awkward and hot under his flannel sheets, but I kept telling myself it was ok. Because he loved me, right?


He went back to her and convinced her that it was all my idea. And she took him back, easily. I realized that we'd only had sex because he was getting too impatient, waiting for her. She had sex with soon after, though.

And I was left, rejected heavily by the boy I loved, and struggling under the remnants of a completely ruined friendship.

I guess it wasn't love after all... just immaturity.

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6 Responses Jan 2, 2008

Look nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes.....especially when we were as young as you....mistakes are made to learn from and not to repeat them....you will evolve and mature into a beautiful person who has learned from her mistakes.......so you can then teach others later on in life what not to do! Life is a journey and not a destination. Forgive yourself as you forgive others and treat others like you would like them to treat you. (I know that is what Jesus said)........so have a happy journey.

you did something wrong but your ex best friend should broke up with him. hes an ***. forgive him and especially forgive yourself. we all makes mistakes.

kick him in the balls next time you see him

You shouldn't have bee disloyal to your friend. I wonder if you would have minded if the boy had stayed with you?

thats a really sad story, some people are just really cruel, virginity is something treasured and to be respected. im sorry you were treated like this

Don't know what to say...You might blame yourself a lot if U regret doing something. Then,plz don't. Take it easier. I mean,U had already taken the whole virginity thing easy enough. Eventually, pain would gone.