I Really Regret It D':

So im 14. I just turned 14 about half a month sgo and 2 months before I lost my virginity to a guy that i thought i was IN LOVE with. Biggest mistake of my life. My friends had all lost their virginitys befroe me and they kept acting like i was so..."uncool" because i was still a virgin. They looked down on me like a parent looked down on a 2 year old. It really hurts to be excluded because of that. So wen i got my first boyfriend (I was 13 he was 16) i was all ready to lose it and just be done with it. So 2 months in we were sitting in his room making out and one thing led to another. We broke up about a month later and i regret all of it..i regret losing my virginity to some one that didn't truely love. I'm now in another relationship with an amazing guy that I hope is around for a very long time. He is a virgin and i wish I could say the same aboout me.
melodytaylor6 melodytaylor6
May 25, 2011