Loss Of Virginity This Weekend.

Hi everyone, i am here to tell you a story. I lost my virginity to a girl this weekend. I have only known her in person for like 1 day before i lost my virginity. I am trying to think of a way to break up with her cause my parents dont approve of her having sex with me that early. even though she said she wanted to **** me so bad. Now im worried that i might have some disease. or that i might have gotten her pregnant. but the thing is, i never jizzed that whole weekend. should i break up with her? half of me says no half says yes. any suggestions?
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5 Responses Jul 28, 2011

hi ! been awhile i see now ! hope things turned out well ! :-)

You seem old fashioned. Like you have cheapened yourself with this girl because you did a one night stand. I wouldn't dump her until you get to know her as a person or is your problem you actually know her as a person and you don't approve?

If you are worried about having a disease or anything scary like that, you just need to go see your doctor. As far as her being pregnant, if it was the right time and ***** seeped through, then maybe, but that too will have to wait. Do what feels right for you, or get to know eachother. You may really like her and not know it yet.

I can relate to your young virginity loss.I too lost it at 17 to an infatuated young lady in the heat of the moment for both of us.<br />
I did at least have clarity to pull out early.I was too green to really penatrate her deep enough to pop her as she was a virgin too and I lost it pretty quick.LOL<br />
The guilt soon followed.But was relatively short lived.<br />
About the diseases.If you have no symptoms by now you are probably in the clear.<br />
<br />
Now about breaking up with her. I know you may feel an obligation to her for the cherry popping.<br />
But be real.Give it some time and see how you both feel.<br />
Good Luck....Angie

Your parents don't approve but I wonder if you approve. That's the real question. What do you think? Do you care about her?