It Was Gone

The oh so unintersting story of how my virginity went away. I didn't necessarily regret losing it but I regret the way I lost it.

So anywho I was dating this girl I had been dating her for maybe 3 weeks nothing particularly interesting I wasn't that really into her I just wanted to say I had a girlfriend, and I did. Some back story first, my two older brothers were of a popular and promiscuous persuasion. So me being the youngest awkward and unpopular I figured I had to fit some sort of similar standard so I tried to be that way. Trying to go from girl to girl even though It was more like going from girl to a length of lonely self reflection. I had gotten this girl to date me, and she seemed pretty cool I enjoyed hanging out with her. But I was mostly assuredly in it for the making out and booby touching being the young teen boy I was.

So eventually I convinced her to do the deed, go toe to toe, the horizontal polka. You know what I mean sex of course. It was an awkward undressing both of us breathing heavily and not sure what to do other than just touch the parts we both like. Shortly after we had gotten to the deed, it was great but not quite the way I imagined it. A good minute or two later I had my ******, being an un-experienced teen I didn't know whether to continue to help her out or not so I of course said "WELL THANKS FOR THAT!" God I couldn't have said anything worse.

She looked at me in a funny way and said "That is it? wow I expected more from someone like you. AND my ex's **** is way bigger." (Mind you that is verbatim but it was to that effect.) My teenage boy ego was destroyed, Needles to say I broke up with her the next day. And spent the next week more worried about the size of my **** that I ever thought I would. So there you go the embarassing, short lived, and oh so terrible virginity story.
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Hahaaha. that was about as awkward as my first kiss! This guy wanted to kiss me, and I awkwardly said, "Um...can you teach me?" He was so confused.<br />
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I kind of just put my face on his. yeah, that was kissing. And when he tried to introduce tongue? disaster. Did I mention this guy had no teeth? True story.<br />
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Someday I'll show you. :P

my god!