Biggest Mistake Yet

Losing my virginity seems to be the biggest mistake I have made so far. I had broken up with my boyfriend over a month ago, I was angry how he didn't seem to want me back and how he never really showed any affection for me. It was as if I meant nothing to him while we were going out. A month after breaking up, I went to a party with a few friends. I was the innocent one in the group, everyone knew it. Never in a million years did I think I was going to lose my virginity that night; and that is exactly what happened. My intentions were to get with someone, but never for it to go that far. I had too much to drink and the guy asked if I had a condom, the thought hadn't even crossed my mind to have sex with him, but when he suggested it, it seemed like a good idea. I was drunk and gave him my full consent. And so, I lost my virginity in the bushes at a party. The regret and pain I feel about this night is terrible. Everyone found out. So not only did I lose it in the most disgusting, regretable way, everyone else knows about it now too. I am so embarrassed and ashamed, I just hope one day I can put this behind me and just learn from it.
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1 Response May 19, 2012

im sure lots of your peers and friends have lost it in far more difficult circumstances- u cant turn back time so please look forwars