Used Me Like A Toy Then Threw Me Away.

It was about 8 months ago. I was 15 and he was 2 years older. I was happy at the time an so caught in the bliss of it that I didn't realize how awful of a relationship it was. He strung me along like a violen and I fell for every second of it, but some of his closest friends didn't even know I existed and the night it happened was the last time I saw him. I got a text after trying to get ahold of him for multiple weeks on the night of his birthday confirming that he was done with me. I was heartbroken but what hurts the most now is that now I'm with someone that I care for so deeply. I love him with everything I am. He is so pure and he treats me like a gem and there's those times where I wish that I could have lost it to him. If we do stay together than I feel like it'll haunt me that I could have shared that with him. Instead I was to naive and stupid. Sometimes I sink so deeply into depression because I hate myself for that so much and I don't know what to do.
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A similar things happened to me .... I met this guy at a party he asked me to dance but at that time I was seeing someone else so I didn't dance with him... A couple months later passed and his close friend which is a girl have me his number so I text him... We text for less then a week and that week we decided to hangout on Friday after the basketball game he picked me up and took me out to Starbucks ... After we didn't know what to do .. He wanted to watch a movie but didn't know where so he took me to a hotel I didn't know we were going their he just drove their then askedd me to get off for a bit because his friends were there and we're gonna Handel a business since he stays the night there regularly .. He ended up pressuring me to have sex with Him IM ONLY 16 . Hes 20 i Didnt know what To do or how To say no. I cried for a 2 weeks he Didnt text me until 2 weeks later when he wanted To hangout we did the same thing again. & after that he never wrote me or text me anymore im sooo ashamed i really like Him i dont know what To do :(((?