Lost Virginity 2 Days Ago :/

sooo was at best friend's/ex girlfriend's house (I am a girl, she is a girl), there were 6 people including me and her, we all got incredibly drunk, I have never had a boyfriend, i have only ever had the one girlfriend. I was being really like flirty and stuff which is not like me, i am a shy person, i am only loud and outgoing when i am with my best friend or when i am drunk, I ended up having sex with this guy, i'm not sure how it ended up happening, it was a really awful experience, i obviously consented to it but i don't remember going from downstairs to on the bed. My best friend walked in like while it was happening, she looked really angry. afterwards i spoke to her, she was really angry and upset, she said she had never ever stopped loving me but she just hadnt wanted to tell me that, she said that at that moment she stopped loving me, but i didnt know that she felt that way about me anymore and now im really confused :( i am really upset, i did not mean to have sex, it was not my intetion, it made me feel weird and wasnt like enjoyable, i also didnt want to upset my best friend, i dont know if this was the right place to put this like story but i had to get it off my chest
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Virginity is just a word. Forget about it and just talk about her that it wasn't your intention, and that you're really, really, REALLY sorry (Say "really" three times).<br />
Of course, it's the alcohol that did it in the first place. Remember kids, don't drink!<br />
But seriously, talk to her about this. It'll be alright, I'm sure of it.