Big Mistake

I lost my virginity a few months ago I am 18 and nearly 19, when I was a virgin I seats knew I wanted to losses My V to my husband or someone ehow loves me, but I ,met this guy I knew didn't love me, well I was hoping he did, Anyway lost my V to him, and I regret it because I have lost my honnor and because.I am nw taking my christianity seriously I regrets it more because I feel I have let myself down,but I promised nt have sex married
walika walika
1 Response Sep 20, 2012

do you think god reallty cares

youa re human and you made the same mistake others have made we did not even have a choice ours was taken by others but take my word for it we did make up for it our first time and many times there after even at 12 years old

we had learned all about each other in the precceding year and we never looked back she became my wife at age 13 out of love we could never have kids but we had each other till her death at age 19

Ooh am sorry any it wife, and thanks for ur comment